Woven Sailcloth

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Woven Sailcloth


This new cloth utilises the latest weaving and finish techniques – delivering consistent quality from start to finish.

The unique construction design, coupled with exacting production control and yarn selection enables the cloth to be finished with

the optimum level of finish – this means that SPX is suitable for a wide range of sail applications

SPX gives the sailmaker the option to select the type of handle they require in the cloth – with a choice of Hard, Firm or Medium

finish. This menu selection allows for the cloth to be specifically tailored to the exact sail usage – enhancing the end users sailing experience

The SPX range has been specially selected to cover two main cloth types in the key weight ranges to ensure maximum appeal for sailmakers.


Finish  Handle        Suitability                      Equivalent bias rating

    Hard          One Design Racing      3-6

    Firm          General use, Charter  6-9

    Medium  Cruising                  9-12

    Soft          Ocean Cruising  12-15

Balanced is produced to suit a large variety of sail applications and features high tenacity yarns for strength and durability

  • Providing a wide set of construction styles the higher weights suit ALL bigger boat uses – including tall ships
  • 4oz range offered in full colour palette – with Natural, Cream and Tan colour options available in a range of higher weights
  • Near parity strength in warp and fill ‘balances’ the cloth and makes it suitable for low aspect sail designs
  • Wide weight and colour range coupled with extensive application possibilities makes this cloth a competitive solution for sailmakers
  • Exact finish required can be selected by the sailmaker – choice of Hard, Firm or Medium

Strong Fill produced as a high sley fabric – with high warp count matched with high fill denier

  • This makes it ideal for high aspect sail designs
  • Durability thanks to the inherent strength from construction design
  • Multi stage process tailored to construction design allows for optimum finish – giving a cloth that is easier to handle and consistent quality
  • Exact finish required can be selected by the sailmaker – choice of Firm or Medium

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Premium Woven Polyester Sailcloth

New HSX offers a super tenacity cloth which combines precision weaving with unique UV stabilised finishing to give a premium product in a choice of finishes.

A fully comprehensive range of superior weave sailcloth that delivers exceptional performance, durability and quality thanks to all super tenacity yarns and Bainbridge’s unique finish.

Bainbridge HSX cloth is finished in our partnership production facility using the latest fill and digitally controlled finishing techniques. It harnesses countless years of experience, knowledge and expertise, combined with the very latest finish and UV inhibitors to provide a sailcloth which is tough and durable with a long service life.

HSX is a tightly packed premium woven cloth  thanks to precision weaving techniques and exacting quality control. Offered in three different construction types:

  • Strong Fill
  • Balanced
  • Strong Warp

Bainbridge's unique finishing process has been carefully reformulated to incorporate special UV inhibitors which effectively shield and protect HSX from harmful UV degradation, this finishing process has also been refined further to provide up to 4 different types of finish, allowing the sailmaker to select from Hard, Firm, Medium and Soft.


Finish       Handle         Suitability                         Equivalent bias rating 

H         Hard                 One Design Racing          3-6

F         Firm                 General use, Charter 6-9

M         Medium         Cruising                         9-12

S         Soft Ocean     Cruising                         12-15

Strong Fill 56

  • Exceptionally durable thanks to strong composition and special UV inhibitor incorporated in the finishing process
  • Strength & Performance
  • Multi stage finishing make sails easier to handle and delivers consistent performance
  • High Sley fabric which features a high warp count matched with high fill denier to ensure an exceptional fill modulus

Balanced 22

  • Balanced denier construction which allows for a wide variety of sail applications
  • Incredibly tough cloth thanks to near parity strength between warp and fill
  • High warp and fill denier ensures exceptional fill modulus
  • Provides for a wide set of construction styles, higher weights suit ALL bigger boat uses – including Tall Ships

Strong Warp 15

  • A warp orientated cloth with good warp modulus ideally suited for radial construction sail designs
  • Matched styles allows for 'stepping down' in weight in radial construction
  • Special construction featuring balanced denier produces a high warp EPI which ensures a good warp modulus
  • Precision control of inline tension during digital finishing process to minimise warp crimp
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Premium Hybrid Polyester With Vectran Sailcolth

Unique construction delivers an incredibly strong Vectran/ST hybrid cloth with UV protection and a superfine finish – the ultimate in woven sailcloth.

New HSXv offers a premier hybrid polyester incorporating Vectran® yarns in warp and fill – the ultimate in woven polyester sailcloth.

By utilising Vectran® in the construction HSXv is an incredibly strong and durable sailcloth – gram for gram Vectran® yarn is ten times stronger than aluminium.

A balanced construction ideal for performance applications, with integrated Vectran® 5mm matrix providing enhanced bias strength, stability and long term durability.

  • UV protected – the unique Bainbridge finishing process with additional protection which shields the cloth and absorbs harmful UV rays
  • uper tenacity, low shrink polyester yarns deliver a cloth of exceptional strength and finish
  • Low to moderate resin finish ensures long term bias stability
  • Potential weight saving over stand polyester/polyester weave cloth for similar applications makes for easier sail handling
  • Balanced construction widens appeal of cloth for countless performance sail applications
  • The ultimate in woven sailcloth

This matrix makes a Vectran® cage within the cloth that is incredibly strong whilst retaining excellent flex and fold.

          Count  Denier              dpi   Finished Weight

         W F W   F        W    F         g/m2        Sm Oz

HSXv 627         91 46 280 556     25603 25420  283 6.6

HSXv 827         75 41 525 600     39375 24384  360 8.4

HSXv 1027      77 33 525 944     40672 31171  408 9.6

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